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Thursday, 15 May 2014

Teacher's Day poem by Anonymous Esq.

I came across an interesting article a few days back. To all educators, tutors, instructors, coaches, trainers, lecturers, professors, mentors; basically those who are categorized as 'teachers' including myself, let's make a world of difference. 

A Teacher's Day Poem

There is a humble beginning
For everything beneath the sun
The calla lily lies beneath the snow
When the Sun comes up, its blossoms show
In the desert , fiery, dry and bleak
The scorching winds leave nothing to see
But when the rain in due time, gently comes
Up from dried seeds, life in fullness, springs!
For in every kernel lies potential life
And within every closed bud, a flower
In downtrodden mud, blood rubies once lay
And in deepest shadows were diamonds once hidden.

Has no ear hearkened, or any eye seen?
That all it took was something;
Someone to bring into complete being
Utmost value out of nothing

The innocent mind is like a rough diamond
And the youthful’s soul is an unwatered seed
The tender human spirit like a tiny flame
And the young heart, an unengraved ring.

Who has hands that sharpen minds
Or compassion, softly falling like Spring rain?
Or grace that radiates like the rising Sun
Quickening the barren uncultivated mind's plain?

And who else can fan the innate flames of talent
When it is but a feeble little spark?
And who else can dispel our ignorance
If none should light up the dark?

Who can shape a child
And in love, hold him dear?
And comfort him in all his fears
With kind assurance when tense times draw near?

A teacher's hands are needed 
To guide him, keep him and make him stand
To pick him up when he falls down
And to guide his feet to solid ground

Kind words you give to make him grow
And in his heart, good values you sow
Though a jewel in the rough, you’ll make him glow
A wonder which in the end the world shall know.

Teachers hold the key of knowledge
And also the key to life
They shape and make a person
And leave their impressions for life.

Anonymous Esq.

I've always told my students that they can be whatever they want to be if they set their mind on it. To believe is to achieve. May God bless.